Dream Interpretation: Car Accident

by Sky

Visitor Post: 'My mom was in a car accident. There was a silver truck that she was driving on her way to work. She worked as a forklift driver at Leeds. She was on her way to work when a driver in front of her hit her. He swerved to miss three deer and went off the road. When he came back on he hit my mother head on. She was supposed to be life lited to Alleghany General Hospital but they could not do that because it was foggy outside. So they drove her by ambulance. She died twice on the table. She was in the intensive care unit with two broken arms and two broken legs. I also got to visit her while she was in the ICU. The doctors said there was no possible way she could have survived but she did. However she did lose her right leg and now she has to drive with the pedals of her car switched.'

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by: John

Hello Sky,
I'm not sure if you are retelling a story or this was an actual dream? If it is the latter, can you tell me if there was anything significant going on in her life at the time? In particular, anything to do with major change?

Car Accident NEW
by: Anonymous

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