Dream Interpretation: Confused

by briana
(altoona Ps)

Visitor's Dream: 'I woke up in a hotel room and I saw the devil and I was talking to him like we were friends but I was angry and I felt hurt and confused and I was breathing fast and he said "I have to go" and then I said "bye, see ya later" and I went back to sleep, then woke back up and I saw God and he said "come here" and I said "why" and he just hugged me. I felt happy and peaceful like nothing could hurt me and I started to cry and I woke up crying the next morning.'

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by: John

Hi Briana,
this dream to me appears to be about guilt for something and an overwhelming desire for unconditional love. A hope, or a wish, that you are accepted regardless of anything. I think this is the unconscious and spiritualism combining to let you know "nothing can hurt you".
"A [wo]man of courage is also full of faith".

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