Dream Interpretation: Confusing Dreams With Reality ALL Night

by Fiona Marie
(Saugerties, New York)

Visitor Post: 'So let's begin.. I honestly cannot remember how it started but this is all I'm remembering at this point. I was with my boyfriend, Luke, and we were talking about us.. and I had asked him if he had cheated on me.

It's weird because last Friday night he told me he was gonna go home and go to bed after work so I figured I would just go home. And then he texts me and says I just got out of work. I'm going to George's with Cody and Xavier I swear to god I'm not going to a party. I got pissed, but I figured it wasn't a big deal because he was just going to a friend's house right down the road.

The next night, he takes me to a hotel party with less than 10 people. That night i found out that he went to a huge party in Rondout. I don't really trust him and I asked him if he cheated on me and he told me "No, no, no, of course not". And I believed him. Anyways, back to my dream.

Luke and I were talking and I remember asking him if he cheated on me and he got really quiet so I got really suspicious and I asked again. Finally, he said yes... and he said it was with Rachel Pulver, my arch arch ARCH enemy.

We've never once gotten along, in real life, because I had been with her boyfriend while she was on vacation in the Bahamas except I remember the boy had told me they were not dating anymore. We actually got into a fist fight in school, so hearing that he had sex with her in my dream was like taking a bullet...and I almost feel like I woke up in my dream and it seemed so real I'm pretty sure I woke up crying.

The next thing I remember in my dream was going to my friend, Martene, and telling her that I found out and she said she already knew! And I was like... 'and you didnt tell me?!' so I started crying more and I was having like a panic attack in my dream.

Apparently everyone but me knew and this girl did it to get back at me for having sex with her boyfriend. So I guess I kind of forgave it or her or something.

Next thing I know I'm on some street in my town and we were going to this party at a really run down house. There was a bunch of people I've never even seen before on the porch that looked like it was about to fall right off the house. There were middle-aged women and babies and kids smoking cigarettes and drinking beers.

It was so wrong and dysfunctional I had to get out of there. So I got up and asked where the bathroom was. For some reason Luke followed me, and he was all over me trying to apologize and he was trying to have make-up sex or something in this random dirty broken down house.

And for some reason, even after hearing that he just slept with that girl not even a week ago, I was wanting to have sex with him! I know, I'm stupid in my dreams I guess. So we're walking through the house and the kitchen is taken apart and not even fit to be used, I didn't see a livingroom, and the bathroom was around the corner next to the kitchen... not even usable.

We were walking around this place trying to find a place to have sex and we decided to do it on the fallen apart wood kitchen counters. Right as we were about to, 5 kids walked in the front door and were all happy to see us, so we followed them into this room behind a closed door right next to the kitchen. And it was an awesome room, with a huge couch and bright walls and a huge TV with every game, movie, and CD you could imagine.

I was confused too because it was a girl that I see in school all the time who's house it was and I've never really talked to her before. Next thing I knew, I was laying on the couch on the porch again and Luke's head was on my lap. Martene and her boyfriend were making out on the edge of the couch and I was kinda just not saying anything. And then Martene got up and left and when she came back she said, 'I just cleaned your entire car, Luke!'

And she did, inside and out. And Luke was saying how I didn't even do that and I'm such a bad girlfriend because Martene did it instead. So I got really pissed off and walked away. I walked to Village Pizza, my old job from the beginning of this school year where I had gotten fired from and when I asked for my job 3 months later, he said no. Coincidentally, Rachel, the girl that I fought a few years ago and slept with my boyfriend in my dream, works there. But I still liked their food so I went there sometimes.

Anyways, so I walked there from this broken down house in town and when I got there i ordered a slice and a drink. But they didn't make me pay, and I was done eating my slice so i was waiting to pay and my old boss was at the counter and we were just talking.

Surprisingly, I was in a good mood. All of the sudden, the girl that took my order brings out a long sub and a hamburger and then they rang me up to pay but I don't ever remember ordering that. And I was worried about not being able to pay because earlier I only had 20 in my wallet, and when I opened it, in there was 40. That's all I can remember, and I woke up drooling.

It was the most real dream I've ever had, I felt the pain and the wind blowing, and the heat of the pizza ovens. It was scary.
I'm so curious to find out what this really means.'

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by: John

Wow. That's a lot of detail. OK, first question, is this one dream or two?

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