Dream Interpretation: Country House

by Darryl Williams

Visitor's Dream: 'I stop my car because I am intrigued by this country house to the right of me. I walk down these crickety stairs and cross a small street to get to the house. The people are very friendly and I seem very comfortable.

Two people take me around the back of the house and we ascend these steep, crickety stairs. They make it all the way to the top and enter what appears to be a kitchen. I make it to the last stair, but feel as though I can't make that last step. I call out to one of those who are already in the kitchen for help. She extends an arm and the dream ends.

In my waking state I complete the dream by extending my hand to hers, she pulls me in, I stand up and give her a thank you hug.'

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by: John.

Hello Daryl,
it's difficult to interpret this dream without knowing anything going in in your waking life. However, I believe this dream is possibly about a lack of self-belief in your ability to climb. It could be about a fear of failure, or more specifically, a possible fear of success. My reasoning for this is that you are able to descend the rickety stairs with no problem but you falter at the final step when ascending. The fact you are attempting to enter a kitchen may imply this is a work related issue. I would like to know more about the people you see in the kitchen, especially the one you hope helps you

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