Dream Interpretation: Creepy Red Spiders

Visitor's Dream: 'I had this dream two nights in a row and now I am certain that it is trying to tell me something. The way it starts is that five of friends and I are walking in this room that appears like some sort of cave or chamber because there are torches lighting up the room everywhere. As we come to an death end, I hear this creepy noises. Behind us there are three semi red spiders cornering us. The spiders don't hesitate to attack us. All I can see in slow motion is my friends and I skittering to the corners of the room ducking as we try to avoid getting stab. A shrieking voice in the background makes it harder to see what's going on.

That's just about it. The rest of the dream is a blur. I'm not sure if it has to do something with my friends because we're really close, practically grew up together. I worry that this dream is telling me that something is going ruined our friendship. Can you please tell me what this mean?


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by: John

Hi JK,
it would seem the dream is a reflection of your stated fear that the friendship is in danger. That does not mean it is prophetic. It just means for some reason you worry that this might happen. It may perhaps relay a fear on your behalf that the direction you and your friends are heading is not where you want to be or what you are comfortable with. That it is going nowhere. The 3 spiders may represent a wish in either 2 ways, a) you fear the friendship is in danger from an external influence(s) or b) at a subconscious level you wish you could escape the association but are scared of the consequences.

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