Dream Interpretation: Dead cats

by hannah

Visitor's Dream: 'I seemed to be running away from a tall dark figure that took the shape of a man. i was running with my sister and a couple of other people. we would frequently run into an elevator. that seemed to be the safe place but each time we exited the elevator, we would be in a new place and the figure would follow. at first i was having fun, then out of nowhere i felt terrified. after about 2 rides on the elevator after the scared feeling ocurred, on the third time we entered the elevator it was filled with lots of dead cats and crumbling brick walls. seeing this site both confused me, and gave feelings of disgust and terror. what could this mean?'

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by: John

Hello Hannah,
the dream may symbolise you are running from something in waking life (past perhaps?). That what began as harmless fun, at some point, you became aware of the dangers.The fun may have stopped long ago and instead of confronting the fear (dark shadow) you sought refuge in a small area of life that was never stable (lift moving up and down, new places). Whenever you left this place, the fear was still there. It would seem the uncounscious is perhaps suggesting that your little place of comfort has become a place that is not helping. That maybe, the death and decay in that small area is a reflection of your inner self? Decay and crumbling? If so, the message maybe to cease using the lift as a means to escape and confront your demon(s).

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by: Catherine

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