Dream Interpretation: Dead End

by Alison

Visitor Post: I can't remember the first part of my dream, but the last part was very vivid.

I was at a small charity event and two of my uncles (that I haven't had contact with for many, many years due to family conflict) were at the gathering as well. We were making plans to drive back home and there was a question about which of my uncles I would be travelling with.

While I was waiting for them, I sat on a swing in a park-like setting. I felt happy, swinging like a child.

My uncles and I went back to find the car, but when we got to the parking lot, we started running. We went down some narrow lanes past beautiful scenery of clear water. We kept running, found two or three small dead fishes, and my one uncle stopped to pour salt over them. I didn't know why and thought it was strange - even in the dream.

We then went down a very narrow lane that was supposed to lead us where we were meant to be. When we opened the door, it opened into a small movie theater, which was the wrong place and a dead end. We retreated and they went back through the door but the door swung shut and I couldn't get through.

My uncles and an old friend (whom I also haven't seen in years) were on the other side, encouraging me to get through. There was a very small square opening high up on the door. I didn't think I'd make it through, but with their encouragement and help, I climbed up against the door and squeezed my head through, then my shoulders, and then slowly the rest of my body.

Once through, I felt relieved and happy. Then I woke up.'

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by: John

I believe the attendance with these uncles at a charity event is symbolic of your desire for the conflict to end.
The decision as to who would be driving you reads to me as though these two cannot agree on even the smallest detail.
The swing suggests a yearning for a time of innocence when you were free of care about such matters.
Even after attempting to decide on who would drive you it didnt matter because the car could not be located.
Im not sure about the running part.
The dead fish I perceive to be symbolic of the lack of peace within the family. Your uncle putting salt on them is perhaps symbolic of preserving them - preserving the decay - preserving the conflict - he may be the one you perceive who keeps it going?
There are lots of narrow lanes suggesting you feel confined and under the impression these will lead you to where you need to be. However, being led down these "paths" takes you to a place where there is potentially more drama (movie theatre) but also the potential for happiness.
It would seem to me the dream suggests you will have to squeeze through some tight spots to get to where you want to be with respect to your family conflict.

Thank you
by: Alison

Hi John,

Thank you very much for your thoughts on my dream. I think your interpretation is true. I do wish for all family conflict to end and I also yearn for the innocence of childhood.

It's interesting that the dream indicated that I would have to squeeze through some tight spots to get where I want, and maybe turning away from the movie theatre was about my need to turn away from all the drama. I never thought of it that way, but it's so spot on. I also believe that I will get through with some help, but it's still unclear to me where I'm headed.

Thanks again for your help!

by: Anonymous

You're welcome Alison.
When you say you are still unclear where you are headed what do you mean? As I believe this is important to your dream too.

by: Alison

I'm grateful for your help. Not knowing where I'm headed means that I have doubts about my future. A part of me wants to stay and work through all the issues that I have in my life right now. Another part of me wants to run away and escape from conflict and pain. I never imagined life to be this complicated.

by: John

Hi again,
ok, the running part in the dream makes sense now. The entire dream is a reflection of your comments above... a conflict not only in terms of the family, but also within. There is some deep symbolism taking place here. I perceive the dream is not so much about family conflict as it is about your inability to be decisive. This is why I believe you yearn for childhood innocence - because YOU don't have to decide. If you look at the dream again with respect to the part about your uncles trying to decide who will drive you and you sat on the swing; it highlights how YOU did not want to choose who drove you so you regressed back to a childlike state whereby you didnt have to make a decision. The dream is trying to tell you that your lack of decision making is causing you stress. The part where your uncles go through the door and it closes on you implies you are too willing to follow; that you must forge your own path by making your own decisions which is why you squeeze through the hole... WITH THEIR SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT you make it.

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