Dream Interpretation: Death of my Wife

by Manu

Visitor's Dream: 'I had two different death dreams of my wife. Last night I dreamt that my wife had died. She was kept in the middle of a wooden bed made out of net. On one corner of the bed laid orange flowers, and on the other four sides of the bed laid white and purple flowers. I was weeping all through. Four men had lifted the bed on which my wife had laid on. I was feeling sad at this time as I knew that I have no one to look after me now and was quite scared of the future.

About two days ago, a neighbour near our house had died and he was taken on the wooden bed which we were witnessed to. Secondly, a relative's son from my wife side has been suffering from throat cancer 4th stage and often my wife had told me that if he had died it would be quite unbearable for her. She is very close to him. It's really strange I had two entirely different dreams of the death of my wife the first one was just a week after our marriage and the second one mentioned above occured last night, on the 26th March, 2012.'

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by: John

Hi Manu,
can you tell me if the flowers mean anything in terms of your cultural beliefs?

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