Dream Interpretation: Dirty Drains

by Audrey

Reader Post: 'I dreamed that I was cleaning out all sorts of dirty drains at my old house and I also was getting ready to go to the lake.

My dad was in the dream and so was my mom and we talked about my sister who was snow-mobileing - that it was some sort of bad idea.

We also talked about the bricks on old houses being better than the ones we have now on houses. Very cool. My dad is in the spirit world - dad, I miss you. Tell me what I should do .'

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by: Anonymous

Hi Audrey,
I believe the cleaning of dirty drains at an old home is representative of something in your past that you cant seem to cleanse from your system.
Preparing to go to the lake whilst doing this may suggest a strong desire for peace and harmony but that these dirty drains (the past) need to be cleansed first.
Not sure about the sister part as I need more info. However, I believe the bricks conversation is possibly to do with the moral fibre of society or perhaps yourself in some way. That something about you perhaps is not as solid as it once was?

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