Dream Interpretation: Dream That Came True

by Regina

Visitor Post: 'Since my mother and father are divorced, they do not live in the same home. Once, when my dad still stayed at hotels when he visited us, I dreamt of walking into an apartment with my dad, brothers, a painting, and my luggage.

Thinking it was just a normal dream, I left it alone. Until the day it came true.

Weeks after the dream, my dad told us he was getting an apartment and, the day I walked in with my brothers, luggage, and a painting, I had the weirdest sense of deja vu.

After a couple seconds, I realized it was the exact apartment from my dream, and that I had unknowingly predicted a part of my future.'

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by: John

Hi Regina,
thanks for sharing this dream. It amazes me how frequently this type of thing happens. Can you tell me, in hindsight, do you think the situation you experienced in reality was of significance somehow to your waking life?

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