Dream Interpretation: Eagle and Hawk

by Tina M Brignac-Judon

Visitor's Dream: 'I have had many dreams lately... Most I do not remember upon waking, only that I dreamt and how I felt during the dream. One was repetitive within the same night... I woke at least twice, then slept and continued within same dream destination within the last week. I dreamed of traveling with a group of 4-6 people, male and female. it was as if we were college age. There was one male in the group that I was not strongly involved with, but seemed somewhat closer or a bit protective of me. We were traveling and I remember clearly that out destination was "The Castle" in St. Louis, MO. I can only recall one stopping point during the dream we were in an apartment like place, with large windows and a view of buildings and landscape. No strong feelings of a dramatic type... calm, peaceful, expectant, safe.

Last night I dreamt about an Eagle and a Hawk. A Light colored sky. I saw what I knew was 2 birds flying/soaring/guiding (never flapping wings) with each other. I could see the hawk clearly from the beginning and the other larger bird I could only see its wings and how expansive, then I could see they were light colored camoflouge wings that liked almost like a kite, then I saw the head clearly of an eagle protruding from the wings that looked like a kite. It was as if I was watching them both flying, curious about the eagle, what was it? until I clearly saw the head. I seemed to be at all levels with the birds... seeing them from the underside, level, and from above. The over all feeling was calm, but just curious at first about what the eagle was.

Same night, last night, I had another dream. I dreamt of a small wooden house, almost like a child's playhouse. It was supposed to be where my grandmother (who has passed on) lives, but it did not seem that she owned the house. It was as if I expected to see her there, but I did not actually see her. I don't recall searching for her... and in same dream I was working at a location with hard white shiney floors, light colored walls, very long hallways with various doorways on it. I saw A few people, I'd say less than 8, wearing light colored clothing. My feelings were as if I was supposed to be going to see or was looking for my grandmother. I did not feel anxious or scared, just expectant.

My grandmother passed a little more than 5 years ago 12/29/2006. I slept on a cot in her hospital room for more than a week, maybe almost 2 weeks, and I was 9 months pregnant at that time with my now 5year old son who was born about a week after she passed while my 12 year old son, now 17 slept on the floor beside my cot. I had also worked in the business office of that same hospital about 10 years before 1995-6. So that could be an influence on the dream with the long hallways/shiney floors, etc. Not sure about any other more current triggers at this time.'

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by: John

1st Dream - Does the castle in St Louis have any symbolic meaning to you? What does it stand for or what is it known for?

2nd Dream - I believe this dream may tie in with the first but I will wait until you get back to me about the other. However, I do think this dream is either about your own potential or that of your children.

3rd Dream - In this dream what was the connection between the house and your work?

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