Dream Interpretation: Echidna mythological greek goddess

by aanya
(pune, india)

Visitor's dream:

'1) I saw a dream where a women who is half serpent and half human, very beautiful, and yes I am sure she was a serpent, and she just turning and another normal women like her, she saw her and the normal women i saw was first stage in becoming serpent. I saw it was night and the other women was sitting with her one eye closed which was turning into a snake like form, and its was her first stage. I am an indian girl and I saw many times god and goddesses in my dream, i searched on the net and found echinda a greek goddess was like this, i just saw all this and nothing related to me but I was there and watching inside the dream, I feel the evil taking rebirth?

2) Also 6 months back someone uttered this name in my dream: Numi-Torem, and I searched on the Net then I came to know the meaning, i never heard this name in my life.

3) Also, I saw a few months back a chinese god in a whole white dress. He was a kungfu master and he gave me a painted picture to take care and was fighting with the other guys who was doing kungfu at his place or home, and I took it and ran to save it.'

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by: John

Hello Aanya,
The first dream if it is Echidna, then it likely symbolises corruption of the Earth. Echidna was seen as the goddess over the foulness of the planet. The presence of the other woman who is slowly transforming into is possibly indicative of Echidna breeding or spawning - creating new creatures/monsters to spread the foulness. The dream may therefore be suggestive of a concern of yours about either the contamination of your own life or the environment in general.
The second dream is a reference to a God of ancient people in Europe. Can you remember whom whispered his name to you?
The third dream: Can you remember what the painting was?
These are truly remakable dreams because it would seem you had no prior knowledge of these Gods. Furthermore, the 3 Gods come from different cultures: Greek, Finno-Ugric, and Chinese.
I am unsure of exactly what the message is as I need more information. I would strongly suggest before you sleep that you ask for clarification of these dreams. It sounds weird I know, but it has worked many times for clients I have had in the past. PLEASE, PLEASE keep me posted on this.

by: Aanya

well on second dream, i dont know who whispered the name to me, it was just a voice in my ears and i woke up. on the third dream the painting was very beutiful one , with some chinese people on it, like some trees some god , and some people on it , may be some ancient king riding on elephant and trees with some queen, but it was very beautiful , and very expensive and important thats why they were fighting for .and i remember the fight was forsure between the evil people n the gods people, and i was on saving side with the gods people. i remember it very clearly.

and a year back i saw a chinese lady godess picture in dream , what does that mean?

Even 9 months back i saw a queen in some europe country crying and telling me that please save me and am dying. she was very bautiful lady, i saw big big forts and palaces from inside and i am walking inside it , i saw all such dream. what does that mean.

and yes i saw many times indian gods in my dream as am indian, i see monks in the meditations even, i see temples a lot. as am an indain.

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