Dream Interpretation: Escaped

by Amethyst
(City of the Champions)

Visitor Post: 'I dreamed that I and some known and unknown people were on the top of a hill. The location of the hill is somewhat near distance to the sea where the ships could be clearly seen. While we were there, some speedboats were coming very fast to the shore, so I shouted, "the enemies are coming let's escape".

The people did not listen, so I escaped alone sliding down the other side of the hill where an unknown man riding a very small boat rescued me by allowing me to ride his boat. The capacity of the boat is good for 2 persons only. He took me to a house where I saw my sister in law (wife of my elder brother). Then I was informed that all people at the top of the hill who did not listen to my warning were all killed by the enemies. I was so sad that they all died.'

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By John
by: Anonymous

it would seem the dream is highlighting that you/others perceive a position of comfort and safety may be false. That this elevated position may provide a false sense of security and blind people to the dangers.
In the dream you seem to have this awareness and try to inform others but they fail to hear (for whatever reasons) and subsequently you find a means to escape and save yourself. However, this dream infers that guilt is a strong emotion for you. It seems to me that you feel major guilt about some facet of your life that you try to cover via justification. For example, you explicitly make mention of the boat only being able to carry two people - a justification for saving yourself.
I often find in therapy that sadness cloaks guilt much of the time. The sadness you mention at learning of the deaths of the others perhaps cloaked your guilt at leaving them BUT you can once again justify your escape via claiming you tried to warn them.
I am uncertain as to the role your sister in law may play... what is your relationship with/to her like?

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