Dream Interpretation: Ex Boyfriend

by Bernice

Visitor's Dream: 'In my dream i was at work, got a phone call from my ex boyfriend but in my dream he was still my boyfriend.. asking me questions , random questions, i turned around thought i saw him... then i turnd back and walked ... i walked to a certain office and we walked pass each other... and i said "oh it was you" and he smiled at me... i then went to my office and he eant to another office...

My feelings in the dream were a "weird kind of happy"
i woke up and i was upset. as it ruined my whole day.

We went through a rough breakup... i miss him every day but hate him at the same time.'

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by: John

Hi Bernice,
I believe this dream is about dwelling too much on the past. I dont believe it is entirely about your ex b/f, I think it is about a possibility that you invest too much energy worrying about things that have come to pass and cannot be changed. The main reason I believe this is that in the dream: your ex was still your b/f; you turned around to see him; you walked past him; and you each went to separate places.
I believe the message is about embracing whats in front of you.

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by: Waneta Lanz

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