Dream Interpretation: Ex Dream

by stephanie

Visitor's Dream: 'I told my ex girl that i was going to go see my ex fiance who is a guy. i met him on a roof which looked like a park. i was going to tell him i just wanted to be friends but i couldn't control myself and we ended up kissing and having dry sex. We ended up in my aunt's laundry room. i took my glasses off and gave them or sex. He ejacuLated in my mouth and i jumped back in disgust and surprise i looked up and saw my fraternity brother and this naked in my cousin's bed. i didn't want them to see me so i ran away and sat on the couch and my ex man sat on the other couch.'

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by: John

before I interpret this can you tell me if you are male or female please.

Fareed NEW
by: Anonymous

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