Dream Interpretation: Ex husband

by Angelica
(Detroit MI Wayne)

Visitor's Dream: 'I dreamt that my ex husband aint happy with his new lover. He says to others people he aint happy and that he regrets leaving me for another women that doesn't deserve his love. He says that his new lover is a cheater and a no good woman and that he wants me back. He apologised for everything he had done to me, and said he would try everything to get me back. I also remember that I was hearing him saying it to a lady. I was standing around the corner apt. I was brushing my hair with the lice comb, taking out the little lice I had in my hair. I was talking to myself while he was conversating with the lady. I said: 'I'm never gonna go back to you again, you mistreat me, you lie, you cheated and if you were the last man on earth I will never be with you..'

I keep dreaming alot of my ex-husband. That he regrets leaving me and that he aint happy at all... On Dec 2011 we separated. I'm in a procces of my divorces and he had cheated on me with a friend that I know for years.. I have four children with him. I'm not interested in going back to him. I'm happy being single and looking foward to my goals.'

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by: John

Hi Angelica,
I believe this dream may be about doubt. Not so much that you doubt you will stay away from your ex, but doubt about your role in the breakdown of the relationship. The dream suggests to me you wonder if your "nit-picking" drove your partner to another woman(?)

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