Dream Interpretation: Exquisite White Peacock

by Sayani Ray

Visitor's Dream: 'Well, I dreamt this last night. Saw a beautiful white peacock perched on stone steps that lead towards a closed door. I was on the balcony looking at it, which means it was in front of me. The door was behind the peacock, with nice green vines dangling from it. The peacock was exquisite, glowing and had black intricate designs on its wings. It was standing with its head held high. The wings weren't spread. Its face was turned towards my left. The balcony that I was standing on was part of a stone castle. Something similar to the Hogwarts School from the Harry Potter movies!!! There were lights all around. I also saw one of my professors who used to teach me in the University. He came across as a mentor and was standing beside me. It seemed like I was talking to him all the while and suddenly when I looked back I saw the peacock in front of me. I exclaimed saying,"Wow! A white peacock. Haven't seen one ever!" The peacock was the primary dream symbol that I remembered when I woke up. My feeling in the dream was that of awe and happiness as I looked at the bird and when I woke up I felt it was strange to see a pristine white peacock with glowing black designs. It seems like I was discussing something with the professor about what I should do. But it has been 7/8 months since I passed my Masters Degree and left the University. The mood of the dream was magical and a bit ethereal. I am having a bad fight with my boyfriend for the last few days. I broke up with him because he was unreasonably doubting me of promiscuity and shouted; I have been tied up with the erratic schedule of my Training Institute where I am doing a course on broadcast journalism. He stalked me in order to get hold of me and explain that he is extremely sorry and this won't happen again. He said that he felt I was ignoring him and feared that I might leave him. He is 2yrs junior to me and from the same University. I was very jittered and wanted to get rid of him. He is a nice fellow but blows it up when he is panicky or upset. He understood his fault and went on apologizing and wants me back in his life badly. But I am afraid of the immaturity and daydreaming attitude of his. He wants a chance to get over all the bad blood and show that it was an accident. But this isn't the first time he flew off the handle. My course will be over in 2-3 months and I will be starting to work. I have provided you with as many details and information that you might need. Now waiting for a just interpretation of the dream.'

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by: John

Hi Sanyani,
I believe this dream is about opportunity and potential. The castle and professor are symbolic of your study thus far and your interaction with him in terms of requiring direction seems to point to a reliance on others you perceive as "more knowing " than you to afford direction. However, upon turning you see the white peacock and discover something you have never seen before. Its plumage not being displayed may indicate it is yet to demonstrate its full capacity to show its beauty (that being you). The closed door behind the peacock may be indicative of opportunity awaits, but that you need to cross the threshold (the stone steps); you need to make decisions and trust in yourself to partake of all that awaits. Your fears are holding you back and it would seem these fears are bourn from indecision. Let go...

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