Dream Interpretation: First Love

by Erika Gonzalez
(Roswell, nm, US)

Visitor's Dream: 'Well, my first love and I were together for almost 5 years but about 2 of those years he was cheating on me. When I found out we broke up but everytime he would break up wit the other girl, we would get back together. That went on for 2 years until and I decided to end it for good. When I found out he was living with her and had gotten her pregnant while he was with me, I moved away but still kept contact with him for a year. His girlfriend would get mad because we would talk but that didn't stop him. He kept calling me and emailing me etc... and finally May of 2011 I went back to visit my hometown for mother's day. I went to pump gas and saw that he was working there. We talked for a while but that's it. The next day he wanted to meet up with me but I said no and at the time all this was happening I was also pregnant. I was 5 months along and was also married. After that day i never spoke or saw him again but these two past months I've been dreaming a lot about him almost every night and everything in the dream is about him. I honestly don't know what to do anymore or what it means?'

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by: John

can you post the details of the most recent dream for me to have a look at?

First love NEW
by: Anonymous

I think she still love her first love despite what took place between them.

Great comment NEW
by: Armanit

Hi Erika Gonzalez, your story is so real, I have been in love and I am facing the same issues. I will recommend you that you may leave him and enjoy your life as he is enjoying to other girls. We have best resume writer service that are able to write your assignment work.

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