Dream Interpretation: Flood

by Surbhi

Visitor Post: 'I've dreamt of being trapped in a flood, along with my mom and dad and we tried to save each other. I've had the same dream a couple of times. What does it indicate?'

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by: John

Hi Surbhi,
I need more information, such as, where are you in the dream? What are the associated emotions? How do you try to save each other? etc

dream NEW
by: raja

I just see in my sleep two smalls keys, one on the other.

surrounded by floods NEW
by: phutie

I have similer dream to yours.I'm also surrounded by water bt I'm not inside the water when I look around there are people inside the water its like they relaxing sort of lying in the water and noone sees me,I'm panicking bt I don't want to show these people that I'm scared and terified of this water that it looks like the water is closing on me then someone from the other side of flood say I must walk through the water they looked deep they were not deep.I walked through I saw myself floating then I waked up very terrified and scared.

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