Dream Interpretation: Francis' dream

by Francis
(King George, Virginia, USA)

Visitor Post: 'I am a 58-year old male with a federal job and have awakened a little over a year ago and have been prepping as best I can afford to; food, a little junk silver...; I have never voted in my life and I am leaning toward Ron Paul.

Was raised a Catholic and graduated from a military college; am wandering but not lost and did not go into the military. Since awakening rather lately I am understanding why I have made some of the decisions in my life.

I am married to a wonderful woman (29-years) who does not appear to share in a lot of my concerns and beliefs and have two children, a son and daughter.

Leading up to my dream I was pondering for some reason the facts surrounding my blood type (AB neg.), so that is what I was researching before I went to bed last night.

My dreams seem to be in the morning before and after I awake, some are quite vivid and very detailed structurally. I seem to be able to direct them sometimes, like a TV series. Sometimes they are sexual, most often not.

To the dream of this morning: I seem to be in a home (vacationing?) at the beachfront and notice the view of the ocean is obstructed by small shed-like one storied structures and I progress to find myself in one in front of the beach house with some people in it and notice the shed has no windows.

I then proceed to thrash about knocking the walls down whereby the building is eventually reconstructed but now with windows in it. From there I begin to walk up the beach to the right I think and eventually find myself approaching high ground whereupon a large dark stone structure (at least the base is dark rock) resides, which appears to be a church/lighthouse.

There are also stone buildings maybe four or so leading down to a village or town (houses maybe). The time frame appears to be modern and tourists appear to be about, but not many. The word Dover (?) comes into my mind. I go into the church and can vividly see the rooms and furniture, even a gun rack with bent barrels displayed.

There are a few pigmy goats in a courtyard and I give a treat to one of them and I mentally remark the area is comfortable for a yard and garden space and I get the feeling it could be comfortable to me, it is appealing I think.

I see a bathroom or two with tile floors, a smallish worship room with pew like desks, and an office like area among others. I am quite taken by the details of the building inside and the furnishings. The dream ends, I try to continue and direct but have to rise. Pretty cool huh?

In retrospect I suspect the obstructed view of the ocean and the knocking down of the shack and rebuild with windows may address my frustration that a majority of the people are asleep as to the world and financial situation (the entitlement mentality majority) including my wife.

I am puzzled by the church structure because it is so vivid in detail, I wonder if it actually exists. Then my blood type suggests reptilian rather than mammal and this concerns me, as I feel I am a good and passionate person.

For your time and consideration I am grateful.

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By John
by: Anonymous

Hello Frank,
I can only give my perspective of your dream based on the information provided.
It would seem to me the obstructed view of the ocean is your own longing for tranquility and peace being hindered by the works of others. I think the relocating to one of the sheds and reconstructing it is frustration at other people not being able to see what you see. Thus, you attempt to aid them but even then they dont seem to see the necessary factors that would enable them to find the tranquility you seek.
I then proceed to thrash about knocking the walls down whereby the building is eventually reconstructed but now with windows in it. This is why I believe you leave the shed even though you have reconstructed it to better serve others albeit to no avail.
The dark stone building (lighthouse or church) is perhaps symbolic of your need to seek refuge or guidance from something greater than yourself... a desire to gain direction.
The guns with bent barrels is perhaps a sign of ill directed aggression? The fact they are present in a church might be indicative that you are directing your angst/frustration in the wrong direction... either religion/God/spirituality/humanity? It could also indicate your supposed regret at not assuming a life in the military was based on a desire to bring peace?
The comfort you feel in making a decision to reside in the village comes immediately after offering something. Perhaps, this is symbolic of a need to give to others and a snese of community (ie village). A place where you belong and feel understood and the tourists merely come and go?
I believe this is a VERY spiritual dream. A calling toward a greater purpose so as to make more sense of life and the direction you need to undertake to seek peace, comfort, and refuge.
Let me know what you think.

by: Anonymous

Just came across this quote by Jung and thought of Frank's dream...
"As a child I felt myself to be alone, and I am still, because I know things and must hint at things which others apparently know nothing of, and for the most part do not want to know."

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