Dream Interpretation: Gone In A Flash

by Jazmine

Visitor's Dream: 'Me and a group of friends were walking home from school and we crossed a street. I looked back and I saw that my other friend was still across the street. I motioned for her to hurry up because it was hot and I really wanted to go home. She started running and all of a sudden, everything was in slow motion. Then I saw a flash and all I saw next was that she got hit by a truck. I was scared and so confused. All that was left of her was her glasses and her bookbag. When I saw all that was left of her, I started crying. I think my dream could have been triggered because I find myself caring for and protecting this friend a lot more than I do for my other friends.'

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gone in a flash
by: Nicole

Well maybe your dream was caused because something inside you is trying to tell you that you should be with this person because if you have feelings for her/him you should tell them because you never know what would happen in the future

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