Dream Interpretation: Greeting Cards and Darkness

by Cyn
(Boulder City, NV USA)

Visitor's Dream: 'I am walking through an outside shopping bazaar. I find myself winding through a maze of greeting card racks filled to the brim with cards. I am trying to be careful not to hit any of them with my briefcase as I wind my way through the path.

This area is actually inside of a tent. When I get to the other side and step out of the tent it is dark. This doesn't bother me at all. I walk over to a canopy and set my laptop up on a tree stump. I start working on the laptop. The only light is the one directly above me. All around me is complete darkness. I notice that there are teenagers running around in the darkness and I want to tell them that they are in danger out there, but somehow I know they will not listen to me. I see that some of them are wearing red t-shirts. They continue to run and skip wildly in the dark around the canopy where I am standing. I feel fear for them, but helpless to guide them.

I pack up my laptop into my briefcase realizing my work is done and it is time for me to leave. I am suddenly back in the maze again at the bazaar finding my way back the way I came. I look closely at the greeting cards and notice they all have a human eye on them. The irises are very pronounced. They are of various colors. I stop and stare at one that is hazel in color for a very long time, but I keep hearing a voice telling me I need to keep going because I am running out of time.

I have been getting a lot of confirmation from God in the last couple of weeks stating that I need to get back to work on the ministry He has put before me. I have not been studying or spending time with Him like I am feeling called to do lately.'

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Youre dream is one and one his interpretation
by: Anonymous

Te man with the labtop its you, the kids are the person you have to sow the way to Jesus, the eyes in the cards means that they cant see where they are goin. But you have to study the Bible becouse you are blind to thats the colorfull one becouse if a blind try ton gide a blond the 2 of them are going to fall, and always put youre eyes in God stop changing youre mine becouse remember that the bible say you have to be coold or hot otherwis he is going to fomit you fromenhis mouth . Hope you like it God bles you

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by: Anonymous

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by: Anonymous


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