Dream Interpretation: Hiding behind a Chair

by Bria

Visitor's Dream: 'I don't remember the first part of my dream, but in the last part the landscape suddenly changed from being a friendly environment to one where I felt threatened and knew I had to get away from someone (not sure if one or more than one person) who was chasing me.

I had a torn piece of paper in my hand with a vertical line on it. Somehow I knew it had the directions on where I needed to go, but I couldn't figure it out. I turned the paper round and round, trying to line up the line on it with a direction, but couldn't find an answer. Then I started running.

I knew I was being chased so I run into what seemed to be an alley with apartments on the left and right. They were very modern and didn't have any walls, only curtains. I looked behind the curtains to try and find a place to hide. When there were people inside, I kept running, getting more and more frightened.

At last I got to an apartment that had a woman and child in it who were packed and ready to leave. I felt relieved, thinking I only had to wait a few seconds for them to be on their way and then I could hide in there. But then the husband came out who was obviously staying and I realised that hiding in there wasn't an option either.

I doubled back and found an empty apartment with a woman sitting on a chair. I ran in and fell down behind the chair, telling the woman someone was chasing me and please, I had to hide. Someone else, who was also running away from the pursuers, ran in too and fell down behind me, so we were both hiding behind the chair. The woman in the chair didn't say anything but I knew she knew we were all in grave danger (herself included, given that we were in her space).

I looked behind me and saw that the other person who was hiding behind the chair with me made a shadow on the floor. Together we were too big to be concealed by the chair, but it was too late to make a move. We were trapped. I felt more than saw the pursuers coming and knew we would be discovered.... and then I woke up.'

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by: John

I think this dream is about a few things. Firstly, life direction and feeling as though the "map" you have been drawn is lacking detail. In other words, you have instruction that you assume is supposed to lead you in the right direction but it maybe missing a piece. I believe this ties in with the remainder of the dream (see below) whereby you have perhaps utilised a certain method/strategy to "deal" with life and yourself in the past that is no longer working.
The dream seems to progress with a theme of running, feeling threatened, and no place to hide. To me, the running is symbolic of attempting to escape but also trying to speed up the future in order to feel safe. The need to hide suggests in waking life you feel something or someone is catching up to you, that eventually you will be revealed in some respect. The fact that the buildings have no walls and only curtains implies you feel as if in life your security is thin and not solid. In the dream you do not seek help from people; you run when you discover them and do not seek assistance which may imply you have a fear or people in general and/or a distrust for them. It would seem you feel no one can help you; that you simply must hide away in the hope that you wont be discovered.
I believe the person who comes to hide behind you is in fact your shadow self. The part you do not want to see and hope others do not see. It makes you feel vulnerable and endangered and non-acceptance of it has, to this point, been the only way to seek refuge (i.e. the torn, misleading, hard to understand map). It would seem the dream is demanding you confront your fears.

by: Anonymous

Hi John,

I'm blown away by this interpretation. Can't believe that a dream can reveal so much. I think most if not all of it is very true, and on deeper levels than I'm even conscious of.

Thank you so much and thanks for what you do.


by: John

Hello Bria,
you are most welcome. Thank you for the feedback.

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