Dream Interpretation: Huge Snake

by Carolyn Shamblin
(West Palm Beach, Fl )

Visitor's Dream: 'In my dream I was inside a building and there was a snake curled up in a corner. As the snake started to move it began shedding it's skin. The snake was moving very slowly and was continually shedding the skin. It was not an agressive snake but none the less I felt a sense of fear and anxiety. For some reason I recall someone saying it was a 20 foot snake. I was trying to find someone to kill the snake. I called out to my Dad (he's deceased) and he came and layed on top of the snake and tried to cut it's head off but he couldn't. The snake wasn't bothered by my Dad being on his back, it pretty much just ignored the whole thing. My Dad got off the snake then he just left and I didn't see him anymore. The snake just keep moving slowly and shedding it's skin until I woke up.'

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