Dream Interpretation: I don't understand

Visitors Dream: "I keep having dreams about my ex and his new girlfriend. Last night I had this weird dream...

I was in my old neighborhood (the one his family still lives in also.) I walked around the corner and I saw his house. I went to the door to say hi to his mom and little sister. They let me in. I didn't know that my ex and his girlfriend happened to be home for the weekend also. I sat on the couch talking and stuff. My ex came downstairs and conversated with me. I was getting ready to leave his house. We went outside and we saw the ice cream man down the street so we walked down the street with his little sister and some more people.

When I got ice cream I noticed I had left something. He was already gone back to his house. So I walked back, and when I got there his girlfriend, him and his mom were in the driveway. I got mad that second. Walked up the drive, went in the house, got my stuff. I stood in the driveway to write something on a paper on a table. His girlfriend was to the left of me in a chair, and she said something to me. I stopped and looked at him and he was like maybe you should speak....and I looked at her and I said, 'Look, I don't like you. I don't know how many times you've TRIED to talk to me but I don't wanna speak to you.' And she said something under her breath and I slapped her.

Then I woke up in a rage thinking why do I keep having dreams about them? I do know that I'm a little jealous and still upset but I can't figure these dreams out!!!! SOMEONE HELP ME, PLEASE!!"

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by: John

I believe this dream has a lot to do with you wanting to be back with your ex. In the dream you seem to create opportunities to see him and do not get angry until his current g/f appears both times. The dream implies you have a lot of thoughts and feelings you have restrained and you have probably not said everything you would like. It also seems to me upon collecting your stuff you realised you and he were over (i.e. the g/f being present with his mother suggests your place had been taken). As such, you unleashed all that pent up anger on the person you perceive took what was yours.
I believe the dream is leading you toward being honest about how you feel as opposed to hiding it so your ex doesnt dislike you in the hope you may get back together.

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