Dream Interpretation: Keep dreaming about my first love

by G
(fresno ca)

Visitor's Dream: 'I met my first love over 20 years ago. We really loved each other but when he went to the Marines, we somehow broke up or went our seperate way. He told me one day that he found some one new and so I never wrote to him again. That was the end of us. I never got a chance to say all the things I wanted to say to him.

I am now married with childrens for 20 years. Throughout my whole marriage, i have been thinking about my first love every now and then. I sometimes think about what could of been. Certain time, I think about him all the time. I always dream of him. And in every dream, I know that he is somewhere in the dream but I can't see his face or see him around. In the dream, I am always waiting for him. I have dreams like this every now and then for the last 20 years and it is making me wonder if we were meant to be or not. Most times, my heart miss him so much.

Is this normal? Is it wrong for me to think about him and wanting him or missing him when I am married and happy? I heard that when you dream of someone, turn your pillow over and that person will also dream of you too. Is this true? When I wake up from dreaming of him, I miss him for days. Does this mean he is also thinking of me too? Any help would be appreciated.'

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by: John

Hi G,
Can you please provide the details of your most recent dream featuring your 1st love.

dreams NEW
by: Anonymous

Did anyone ever give you any viable information on this matter? I ask because I dream of my ex of 20,years as well and I can't figure out why

does she think of me? NEW
by: jack

I am a 54 year old male and i dream of a beautiful girl i met when i was 12 and moved to tennessee. I knew her thru high school and she always dated above me, but i was in love with her. We were friends and she always had a boyfriend. I never could seem to get in line. 35 years later i dream of her in the most dear way,not as much passionate sex, but true love, almost weekly. I have unstoppable daydreams about her during the day at times thinking what i could or would say if we met again. My wife knows she was a hard girl for me to forget. She lives relatively close to me but i dont reach for her because id never want creep her out. Her husband was a superjock and never really liked me. I have no intention to have a romance as i am a happily married man with a beautiful wife and son. All of which makes me even more crazy that i cant figure this out and why do i dream this, and what does this mean. My last dream was last night. I wonder if she thinks of me?

Dreaming of ex first love NEW
by: Anonymous

I am 25 years old. I also have been dreaming of my first love lately and it's kinda just putting me in a very bad,sad mood in the mornings, I dream where we find eachother again and other dreams just where we bump Into eachother again. I don't want to dream this,cause I'm lost now in my life when it comes to love. It's sad.

First love NEW
by: Anonymous

I dream almost daily about him and think.constantly about him....Can't go into details but it's...Everything...Met him at a reunion few years ago and he is on my FB....I'm not happy in my current marriage and not sure this is related...I really do miss him and know that I married for the wrong reason... What am I to do..I can't stop this.

First love NEW
by: Anonymous

I dream almost daily about him and think.constantly about him....Can't go into details but it's...Everything...Met him at a reunion few years ago and he is on my FB....I'm not happy in my current marriage and not sure this is related...I really do miss him and know that I married for the wrong reason... What am I to do..I can't stop this.

first love NEW
by: Anonymous

I've known my first love for ten years now, going on 11. We were best friends for four years, dated off and on for four, and friends again for a couple years. We have tried cutting off total contact but one of us always comes back, so we have decided to be good friends again this past year. This past year I have also been having crazy dreams about him, it seems once a month. Very random. Some are about feelings for each other, some are kissing or cuddling dreams. My ex, now lives in another state dating a woman. I am single and have been for some time. My ex and I talk often and he has told me he is unhappy in his current relationship and plans on breaking it off. He wants to spend time focusing on himself. I decided to share my dreams with my ex and to my surprise he said he has also been dreaming about me. And is still in love with me. My only question is do these dreams indicate we are meant to be together? or are they simply expressing past feelings we need to overcome in order to move on? They obviously mean something, as I am still deeply in love with this man. He is often, daily, on my mind. And enters my dreams as well.

If only I knew the answers

Peace and love

Childhood love NEW
by: Anonymous

When I was in kindergarten and later on in first grade and to third grade there was a girl that I really loved a lot. We used to hang out after school and either go to her house or mine since we lived fairly near and our parents where friends with each other.

At one point we even wrote love letters to each other, and I fondly remember a picture that she drew witch​ was a image of the world with our names around it and at one point we even talked about marriage.

However things happend and that future never came to pass, she developed feelings for another​ guy and over time we stopped talking or even look at each other's way anymore. I did a lot of stupid things afterwards that did not exactly help things out now that I look back at it and I wish that hadn't done what I did.

We went at the same School for around 9 years,and I always wondered why we parted since I thought of her a lot and once in a while started to look for her. Years passed and I finally contacted her to apologize for the stupid stuff I did towards her when we where younger and told her that I still had feelings for her,yet one thing never gave me peace of mind since when I asked why we stopped caring for eacohter she said we grew apart but never gave me the full reason to why her feelings towards me died off.

And I also promised her to never contact her agian since but by that time I had gotten married and she was seeing someone, so we both decided that we should both move on with our lives and since then I have never heard anything about her yet I still wonder what happened to us and something​ tells me that I will never find the answer for that question.

I keep dreaming about her NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm not married but I kept dreaming about my 1st love, I had a love her since I was 10 till 14 , 1 day she asked me whether I love her or not infront of her friend I was shocked and I lied to her that I had a girlfriend, after a week oso she left the school which make me feel that I was the fault that made her transfer school, after several years she found me in facebook I try to kept it cool and ask her why she left the school, she answered me that it was her parents decision, I knew she lied for my sake because I knew her parents wont have a rash decision, I have a girlfriend and plans to get married soon but I just can't shake her off my heart I kept dreaming about her sometime, should I confront my 1st love and tell her what I really felt? I'm scared that she might love me back, I don't want to hurt my current girlfriend, if given to choose I just can't, this is frustrating for me

Can't Sleep for Fear of THAT Dream! NEW
by: Anonymous

My first love....I'll never forget it. As a result of our breakup and my parents not wanting him in my life, I moved away from him. I spent the next 10 years dating lots of guys, even lowering my values to try to find that love again. My first love married very soon after our breakup and it was devastating. He and his wife also had children right away. It wasn't until I saw him years later that I found out why he never came back...my parents told him not to. I have been married for many years now, and am not very happy. I e-mail my first love a little, but keep it light. In fact we met up a couple of years ago and the chemistry was electric! He was as charming and funny and smart as always and he was so excited to be with me! But, after he got home, he started to feel guilty and felt we probably should never meet again. The infrequent e-mails are almost painful, because it's just light chatter about our kids or trips. I envy his life and happiness. He seems to be very happy in his life. He thinks I'm happy too...but I am miserable. Perhaps best to just completely cut him out of my life? It's torture and I can't stop dreaming about him!!

Dreams of first loves are bittersweet NEW
by: Anonymous

I met my first love when I was 19. It has been five years since I last saw him and we have both moved on with partners. And we are both happy. Whats annoying are the dreams he is in. I try not to think about him but my dreams really do affect me by reminding me of him. Last nights dream was of us both swimming in a pool constantly making eye contact but never speaking. i desperately wanted him to talk to me in the dream but he never did, and i never initiated conversation. we just swam past each other for at least half an hour, looking, but never saying anything.
i wish i knew what my subconscious is trying to tell me. dreams like this baffle me. :(

my first love keep coming in my dreams NEW
by: Anonymous

me too have this experience my first love in high school we never been in relationship but I've sense he cared for me or just my illusion i thought. after high school days we go separate city me in south and he in the north i got no news from him or whatever social media that time was nowhere so i had my family and he too he is successful now in his chosen career. but i still dream about him until this time he keeps coming to my dreams as if we are still back on those days i keep seeing him happy with me but note in my dream we never talk we just show affection and how we miss each other. I don't what does the mean but he is now happily married and me too happy with my son and our life. Because everytime i dream of him i keep thinking about him and those thought keep haunting me. what should i do to stop this. thanks for reading.

living in limbo NEW
by: living in limbo

Hi everyone.

I dont think any of you are going to like this, but I genuinely believe with that feeling in your gut that you are suppose to be with your first real/true love.

I dont know how to explain it... but I've never had a love since in 20+ years with flings, casual and long stable relationships. But none of them have been able to even come close to replacing or exceeding that first love. No one has ever made me feel like they did, that crazy life is in full colour with the volume on max, meaningful living.

Lifes moved, weve done different things, mistakes, discoveries, good times bad times, love, laughter, and many other things inbetween...

But even to this day, with some kind of possessive power from a great distance, and literally from nowhere, they have been plaguing my dreams and making me feel empty! I think I truely miss them and feel like I cant live my life or love anyone else unless it is them! Its messed up! where did this come from!

I know whats going to happen. I will go to sleep in about an hour and I will fall asleep like any other normal night, expect I will see them in my dreams and its as if pandora's box has been flung open and I've been taken back 20years to the times we spent together. Its freaking me out. I feel like we belong in some kind of everlasting time transcending harmony. like a star child!

I wonder if you do only ever fall in love once, and the rest of the time you tell yourself you are in love, when really you're not!

Why do I keep dream I g about him? NEW
by: Anonymous

I met my first love when I was 5...whom I'm beginning to believe is the love of my life. We were neighbors and grew up together. There were lots of kids in the neighborhood and we all hung out, but him and me, we did everything together. Our special times were at night when we all played hide and seek. It was always him and me...always. He was my first kiss, my first introduction into sex, my first love, my first everything. I remember him parading me off on his arm one night after one of the snobs in the neighborhood said something about us (she had a crush on him too). Thats probably my favorite memory.

We grew apart when we hit high school, but still went to the same school. After HE we went out separate ways and found out how funny life really is. He got married, I didn't. However, him and his wife bought the house next to my grandmas and I bought a house across the street from his mom's. Our kids are friends. We see each other daily.

Since I was a kid, I often dream of him and me. It's never much, but he makes an appearance every month or so. The weird part is, the dreams keep evolving. We keep moving forward in my dreams. Last night I dreamt we were at something, sitting with someone in between us, and we were holding hands behind this person (not a clue who it was). I do remember that we both had wedding rings on tho, which was strange. He never wears his because of the work he does, and I'm not married.

I'm not sure what all this means. He does make it a point in real life to find me in a room, but he's married, and I won't come between that. They have 4 beautiful children. Does he think/dream of me too? What does all this mean? Help!

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