Dream Interpretation: Killed by a Car

by Cassandra
(Charleston, sc)

Visitor's Dream: 'I had a dream where I met this boy in a store while I was playing some kind of game (kind of like nerf except with swords and boomarangs) with other kids. I remember feeling like it was the first time I had ever played that game plus the guy I met was really good at it.

We immediately started liking each other but as he was escorting me home (not really my home but my grandparents house, dad's side of the family) a car hit him and that kept happening until he died and I ran up to him (as i was running up to him I noticed there was a kid laying beside him who was shaken up but unharmed) and hugged him while I was crying my heart out.Ii mean it felt as if his death opened a hole in my heart that might never be healed.'

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by: John

Hi Cassandra,
this dream seems to me about a sense of loss, grief, and/or regret over something in the past (g/parents house). Something you perhaps wish you could go back and change (possibly the boomerang symblises this?). I get the sense the loss/regret is to do with the self as opposed to an external figure. Going out on a limb , but might this have to do with losing one's virginity?

thank you very much.
by: Cassandra

no i am still a virgin but based on what you said i think i know what the dream means. I moved to SC recently and it was only a couple of months after i had this huge fight with my friend that i had a crush on he knew i had a crush on him bu we were still the best of friends but I guess I was around him too much at school because there were rumors that we were going out and he didn't like that because he already had a girlfriend that went to a different school. I had always had a crush on a boy before even when i was a little kid but now I haven't had a crush on anybody since we moved. he was also the first boy I ever had a crush on that i became friends with.

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Dream Interpretation. NEW
by: David Turner

Truly pathetic story but Cassandra, you haven't mentioned whether that guy died or alive yet? If he's alive then it's like a blessing to you. Nevertheless such incidents are happening each day and this time you are the victim. Please make a share of this story on your social site page and let warn everyone to stay watchful to avoid such accidents. A little awareness can save your life. Go through PopNoggins rentals for easy uploading. God bless you.

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