Dream Interpretation: Kissing

by Breanna Bridges
(Norfolk,VA United States)

Visitor's Dream: 'I took a nap after church today and I had this dream that me and this boy I like but is trying not to like kissed, well were kissing. Now, Ive had dreams with this guy in them before but they soon stopped after other reasons when I decided to leave him alone for awhile, but we never kissed. In one dream, he kissed me on the dream but it hurt, it felt like a tiny little insect bite. Not only that but whenever I dreamt about him we are really good friends but in real life we dont speak much at all. But in this dream it was sorta different, we were hanging out like friends in a bedroom in a house (not sure whos) and were sitting on a bed. And theres no doubt I still care for him or like a him a little so, we are talking about something while playing cards (most likely UNO) i dont know. He just happens to play that game all the time at lunch with his friends. So then I just remember me putting my arms around his neck but I dont lean in I just look at him and he then leans in and he starts to kiss me and I kiss him back but it was different because it got REALLY passionate. He started to put his tongue in my mouth and was very forceful with it and I was just going along and I felt good and excited he was kissing me, but then things got weird. I started to foam at the mouth or something i dont know really and he started to push on my face with the palm of his left hand but we are still kissing and he is still putting his tongue in my mouth and being forceful with it and then he starts to push harder to the point if I didnt stop him my face could've broke. So I stopped him but he still wanted to kiss me but I just said no and got up and then I just woke up.'

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by: John

I believe this dream is about a conflict you possess with regard to your morals. The dream seems to be suggesting that in waking life you are at the very least thinking about exploring matters of a sexual nature.
The insect bite when you kiss the first time might imply being worried about being hurt in some capacity because it goes against a value set you were given by your parents (and/or church).
The scene where you are in a bedroom with him playing cards might suggest, once again, matters of a sexual nature and being aware that you are "gambling" with your morals etc.
The point where you give over to it and encourage the encounter implies you wish to "go there" - his reaction (forceful with his kiss) suggests, like the insect bite (except more powerful), that you are engaging in an act that you desire but at the same time are unsure what could happen. The force with which this is undertaken implies it is not about kissing but perhaps sexual penetration (disguised as kissing by your unconscious). The final part (foaming at the mouth and your face almost breaking) may suggest you want to venture into testing your sexuality but are not ready and/or scared.

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