Dream Interpretation: Lion Attack

by Eduardo Torres III
(Mission, Tx, USA)

Visitor Post: 'I dreamt that I went on a hunting trip with 5 uncles of mine to one of them's ranch, only it wasn't his ranch it was more like an African plain. We were driving around in a truck I was on the bed of the truck with three other uncles and the other two were driving. When, all of a suddend lions started to pop out of the high grass chasing the truck. We started shooting at them but they persisted behind us and slowly started to gain on us. By the time I realized it there were some hanging off the side of the truck bed trying to climb on.

The weird thing is that out of nowhere the truck had a camper and we were sitting inside of it and there were lions on the roof of the camper trying to come in. We were still shooting at them and then I looked out the one of the windows of the camper and saw a different kind of lion.

It was larger and stronger than the other lions and I could see him running towards us, but I could see his eyes in great detail. His eyes were a bright red with black pupils and his color was not the typical lion color as were the other lions. This lion was a reddish color with darker spots of red and he seemed to be leading the attack against us.

I began to point him out to one of my uncles and he said to me and the others, "Start clapping. Hurry!!! Start clapping." I was confused as I saw my uncles all start clapping including the one that was driving the truck. I yell violently, "STOP IT, STOP IT ALREADY. What you need to do is start praying. " I told them. They continued their clapping so I had to climb out of one of the campers windows and make an attempt to get inside the cab of the truck, so that I could take control

of the vehicle; otherwise would were going to die.

As I climbed out of the window lions were trying to slash me with their claws, but I avoided them and quickly slipped into the truck. I grabbed the steering wheel and started to sway the vehicle hoping to shake off the lions and I succeeded. The vehicle was running low on fuel and was coming to a halt.
I did not know what I was going to do, I surely thought death was going to be the outcome. As the wheels took their last couple of rotations before coming to a stop, I looked around and saw there were no lions, but I was still as terrified as ever. The truck then stopped and there was a rifle resting inbetween the seats and I checked it for ammo and it was good to go. I grabbed it and exited the vehicle, all my uncles were gone and there were only traces of fatalities that indicated they were brutally killed by the lions.

I walked carefully around the tail end of the vehicle and to my surprise I spotted the large, reddish lion staring at me at a short distance. I raised the rifle as to shoot and the animal charged in my direction. On impulse I began to shoot and yell violently. I remember closing my eyes and hoping the lion would die of the gunshot wounds, as the lion raced towards me. I ran out of bullets and the gun was clicking and I opened my eyes. The lion was dead about ten feet away from me.

That is a what I remember, I can't recall what happend from that moment on. The weird thing is that I always dream of being hunted down by lions, the thing is that it always starts off different with a random setting, but it always ends up with me being persude by raging lions wanting to shred me to pieces. This was the only dream I had where I actually killed one.'

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by: John.

Great dream. Appreciate the detail too.
This dream reads to me as though you are scared something in your past may catch up with you. It also seems that you have battled these "demons" for a long time but never felt as if you made progress. This dream indicates (perhaps) that you are ready to confront your "demons/beasts" via a) having faith in something outside of yourself, and b) assuming control over the things you can control. Your slaying of the powerful lion at the end is a reflection of your confronting the beast with your faith and courage (control) to gain victory. The refusal of your adherence to clap with the others may imply you have followed others advice or methods in dealing with your past for too long. Let me know what you think.

Re: to John
by: Eduardo

I believe that on most of your interpretation you are dead on. I have been dealing with many things in my life including addiction. I was never able to kick the habit on my own, with rehab, or psychiatric sessions. It took me giving myself over to God, that was the only way I was able to overcome addiction.

by: John

You made my day :)

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