Dream Interpretation: Little Girl

by Bria

Visitor's Dream: 'A little girl came to visit me in my childhood house, although I was my adult self in the dream. We sat on the floor of my bedroom and I understood I was meant to help her. I wrote down four sentences to arrange on a piece of paper in front of her. The sentences read:

'I am ready.'
'I am able.'
'I am willing.'
(Can't remember the fourth one - maybe capable?)

She arranged it in a way that said she was ready, willing, and whatever the fourth one was, but she wasn't able.

I talked to her about it, trying to figure out why she was ready and willing, but still not able to do it? She talked about general things in school, other children bothering her, etc. but didn't really come up with anything substantial.

I comforted her and told her that we would figure it out and that she could come and talk to me anytime.

Then I woke up.

I assume that I'm the little girl who came to visit myself because I'm not making progress in certain areas of my life, but I'm a little disappointed that I didn't gain any insights in the dream about what was holding me back. I also find it intriguing that what is holding me back might have something to do with my childhood, but I can't figure out what... Do you have any other ideas about this dream?

Thank you!'

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by: John

Hello Bria,
I believe the dream is to do with the matters you discussed at the end of your post. However, in the dream, you as your adult self were not ABLE to help your child self namely because the child self was not forthcoming with the information you required in your ability to help her. Thus, I perceive the dream is symbolic of a limiting belief system from childhood that affects your confidence. That is, the issue from childhood is possibly to do with a belief that you were not able to do things (due to low self-esteem?) that has now possibly transferred into adult life. The dream is suggesting the information you desire from the child self to help her is the same information you require for yourself to help your adult self (now).

My dream last night was somewhat similar
by: Anonymous

I am a middle aged woman that had a dream about a girl who was around 4 years old. Based on the look of this girl, I can only assume it was me. It was a short dream without much detail, but had an overwhelming intense affect on me. The little girl was sitting in a rocking chair, which was the only other thing in the room. I was standing in the doorway trying to coax her to come to me. When she finally does come over, she hugs me very tightly, resting her head on my shoulder. During the dream I am perplexed, but feel very comforted by this hug. In my sister's non-expert opinion, she seems to think it is the my childhood self that is just letting me know that I am going to be OK and everything is going to work out. I am currently experiencing turbulence in my personal and professional (or lack thereof) life. Thoughts, greatly appreciated.

hugging little girl NEW
by: Anonymous

I too, had a dream of a girl around age of 4 or 5 hugging me so tight...and the feeling was very warm and loving. I was reassuring her I was ready to embrace her, or the feeling of accepting myself or whatever issues I had. I'm not clear about the exact intention...and am still confused. Plus the colors were very vibrant during this dream.

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