Dream Interpretation: Locked Door

by Lorilei

Visitor's Dream: 'I only remember the last part of what I sense to be a long dream. In the last part of it, I find myself at an airport without my boyfriend. For some reason, I have to leave my suitcases under lock and key at the airport, and then walk to a nearby hotel where I am supposed to wait for my boyfriend.

When I get to the hotel, the key that I was given doesn't work to unlock the room. I stand there for ages trying the key in the lock, but just can't get it to work. A man that I don't know walks past and tries to help, but the key still wouldn't fit in the lock.

I feel very lonely and helpless. I don't have any of my belongings with me and I can't get into the room. Suddenly my boyfriend appears, takes the key out of my hand and unlocks the door easily.

I'm relieved and happy, but still somewhat uneasy because my suitcases are still at the airport. My boyfriend walks back with me to get them so that we can get on with the second part of our journey.

I wake up before we find my suitcases.

I'm not sure if or how this dream relates to my relationship with my boyfriend. Our relationship is fine at the moment, but we have been through some rocky times. I wish I knew what the future holds.'

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by: John

Hello Lorilei,
I believe this dream has a lot to do with your relationship. Firstly, finding yourself at an airport suggests to me that you are/have at some point considered leaving your partner or running from sharing domething with him (possibly from your past?).
Having your luggage locked away infers you have stowed valuables in there - things you hold dear or c ards you hold close to your chest.
Walking to the hotel to meet your b/f may imply you have not fully committed to the relationship for fear of being hurt, burnt, or being made vulnerable.
Being unable to access the lock suggests you have the right "key" to enter the unknown (relationship) but you do not know the right means with which to use it. The stranger being unable to help might mean you feel alone in your helplessness concerning your inability to enter a new, exciting, yet daunting place - made even moreso because your valuables/secrets are not in your immediate possession.
Your b/f taking the key from you and opening the door suggests he is willing to enter the unknown WITH YOU. This seems to make you feel safe but still worried about your "baggage" (?).
Your b/f walking back to get your "baggage" with you may infer he is able to support you and help you with that "baggage".
I believe this dream is suggesting your relationship will develop positively if you give over to allowing your partner to help you.
"Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid"

by: Lorilei

This is awesome! I never expected so much detail. Thank you very much. I learnt a lot and will definitely visit your site again.

by: John

You're welcome.

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