Dream Interpretation: Losing My Sister

by Melisa
(New York)

Visitor's Dream: 'I have dreams where my twin sister is either taken away or killed right in front of me. In one dream, she is kidnapped by someone. I feel frantic, I have to find her. I drive up and down this street, right in front of her and yet I can't seem to see her or help her. I felt as if I would never find her, I was freaking out. Another dream I had is when she was running down the street from me and I would be running behind her. No matter how fast I ran, I was never able to catch her. Then she turned a corner into an apartment building. Right as I got a few feet away it was like I ran right into an invisible brick wall. Slowly, she was stuck inside the doors and it looked as if she wasn't getting any oxygen. She was suffocating right in front of me and I wasn't able to help her. I would cry and feel as if it was my fault because I couldn't do anything. Her death was because of me somehow. She and I are really close and I feel very frantic about anything that happens to her.I do not know what these dreams mean but they are recurring dreams that always cause me to wake up at night and walk over to her bed and make sure she is still there. Please, I would like to know what this means.'

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by: John

I believe these dreams are to do with control. In other words, the dreams are attempting to highlight to you that you worry too much, in particular, about things that are out of your control. If you look at each dream you have discussed in every single instance the threat to your sister is always something outside of your influence. The unconscious is telling you that you need to trust in the universe... to let go a little. To cease trying to control the uncontrollable.

Me too NEW
by: I'm a girl

I had a dream like that last night. I was at my aunts house and I just couldn't find my sister. I was looking exactly where she was she wasn't their. I'm Don't know why but instead of calling my mom on my phone I called my grandmother for help. She came right away and we looked for hours. She was no where in sight. I was so worried but no one else was except for my grandmother. Not my cousins and not my aunt and uncle. It was like only me and my grandmother only knew her. Everyone else acted like no big deal. I'm so close to my sister because I'm 10 years old and my sister has autism and she is 14 years old. I hate seeing my sister struggle. Can anyone see what that means?

B Good NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a twin sister and I have dreamed several times that my sister was lost and I couldn't find her or I knew were she was but I could not get to her. I was wondering what this was about

I dont even know how or why NEW
by: Anonymous

Well I remember we were going out as a family font remeber where to, i remeber that when it ws the four of us we were on a ferris wheel and I remember i could feel the speed of it, it wasn't attached to anything so it kept going until it stopped and we were in this town, now this is where it starts getting weird: we're walking around town and it seems like we're outside but this part we are walking feels like a mall and the funny thing is that every like "store" i guess you could say was like a showcase people were on display and some very weird things going on, i remember myself walking ahead because i wanted to se this specific display ( the whole room would fill up with some sort of liquid and there are people in the room and they are completely fine, i guess they can breath in it and what not) then i remember i turn around and everybody is walking away and i spot my sister or so i think and i start calling for her but she just keeps walking so i try to follow her and i end up in this creepy place and seems like a shop like and indoor swapmeet only there are creepy people in the shadows and most entries to places are covered in curtains amd it feels like a maze and i want to really get out. So i remember im back with my sibling and we're walking around and i keep telling them that we should go but they say "in a minute" and stuff like that. So we walk around some more and then poof their gone again and im walking frantically trying to find them through every room and then i walk back to the entrance to see if they were their and i spot my cousin dont know why dont know how and hes checking out fruits and veggies and what not, so i ask him if hes seen my sibling and he replys well they might be around here somewhere but that amswer to me is not good because I'd just spent the past hour looking for them and so now its dark outside because the entrance is huge you can see like fog and big bushes and i remember just staring out there and seeing a woman run for her life like she was trying to escape and then something popped out of the tall bush and started chasing her (it was scary because no one seemed to notice it like they were entranced or something) and then soon as I feel like giving up i bump into this lady who is also frantic because she wants to get out just like me, so we just start running out the entrance and instead of choosing the straight path we chose a shortcut that we saw and we kept runnning and running and running until it was daylight imand we were back in the town and i felt safe, until we passed a corner and i turned around a group of strange but utterly attractive men were following us and right behind us. We get caught and im just cowering down below trying to yell at them or talk sense to them while they're discussing with the woman that was with me. They were trying to get us back to the maze type place and we just werent going to bug until the woman said something i coudnt understand and in her background a ferocious animal was pouncing towards them.
And thats where i wake up ive this dream before, this has been the second time but they're not frequent like everday type of nightmares i had one this a long time ago and now today.
I really don't know what it could mean but that dream had me messed up :(

My sister ran away and missing necklace NEW
by: Kasey

I'm freaking out, I had this dreamed of my sister ran away with a man that I never see before. I looked everywhere and saw a necklace that is a ruby and gold. (Ruby is my sister's birthstone) then I picked it up and ran to my mum and said my sister was missing and I found her necklace. Then I lost my necklace with gold and sapphire (my birthstone) we look for the necklace and met a lady who found my necklace and said my sister will never come back. I cried.

What does this dream mean. Cause I try analysing it and said a missing necklace means you will lose someone you loved. Running away means denial of an issue at home.

Do you know the true meaning. Please help.

I want to know what my dream means NEW
by: Anonymous

So I had a dream my sister came to visit us we were all having a fun time playing outside in the backyard. It started to get dark so we all headed inside my sister (Leandra) decided to watch scary movies and go pretend ghost hunting in our house. Well we end seeing that the bottom of our stairs come off so we take it Off and decided to explore. It was pretty deep so me and my brother grabbed my sister a rope got her ready as she was going down mynsister had a flashlight in her hands. I started to see scary figures in the shadows and I was telling my sister like maybe she should start heading back up. I could hardly hear her when she was starting to get tugged at I tried to pull her up but they were to strong I was only holding onto her foot then they did one last yank and flew out of my hands. The last thing I heard was her scream I just jumped down there and was throwing things and I got so made I didn't care I just wanted my sister back. I continued to look for her the rest of the night like a crazy person and everyone is telling me that I just need to stop and I'm litteraly crying trying to find my sister saying its my fault why couldn't I have just held her a little harder.

Scary dreams of my twin NEW
by: Mrs f

I've had dreams like that with my twin sometimes we share those scary dreams sometimes I dream her running or killed or even raped in front of me I can hear her screaming but by the time I find her it's too late. These dreams leave me with stress and anxiety and sometimes I get up to sleep with her and hug her or look at her so she doesn't dussapear

wduwf NEW
by: Anonymous

I had two dreams before, and i kept looking for one sister, and then another a different sister.
I always keep looking for both of them, I can never find them

my sister NEW
by: Anonymous

me and some girls i dont know where and this lady thought we were trying to take her kid because we were black and she pushed her kid and the kid slowly turned into my little sister and the lady turned into my mom and the last thing i said was " momma their gonna take her " then i woke up

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