Dream Interpretation: Lucid dreams

by cassandra waida

Visitor's Dream: 'I know this is for interpreting dreams and I have a couple of lucid dreams but since you're aware that you're dreaming and able to change your dream during a lucid dream, I was wondering if they need interpreting? if they do then tell me and i will tell you all about them.'

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by: John

Hi Cassandra,
to be honest, lucid dreams really perplex me. I too have a recurring lucid dream to do with flying. It is a truly amazing experience. One thing I have noticed in these dreams is that I slip in and out of controlling the dream. At times it takes me where it wants me to go and sometimes the scenes are not always pleasant but the sheer exhiliration of the flight is awesome!
usually, when I have such dreams there is generally some major issue taking place in life that it hooks into. If you submit the content I will take a look.

Lucid dream 1
by: Cassandra

its not a recurring lucid dream but a couple different ones. the first lucid dream i ever had was a couple of years ago when i was living in Grenada, MS. i had no idea what a lucid dream was when i had it. The first thing i remember about it was that i was running away from an army of skeletons. it looked like i was in the midevil era. i remember going under a bridge and hiding when the skeletons reached the bridge they stopped and were looking around for me I remember that it was around this time that i realized I was dreaming then I started thinking theres a gun beside me over and over until finally there was one i picked it up and started to shoot the skeletons. the next thing I know Im sneaking around a castle looking for something. then I hear footsteps coming down the hallway so i hide behind the door. i remember that the door was the kind of door that you see on a saloon in wild west shows. i remember being very anxious and scared so i started thing wake up over and over and the next thing I knew I was in my bed wide awake.

Lucid dream 2
by: Cassandra

the next lucid dream i had was after i found out what a lucid dream was and started actively trying to have another one. the problem is that unlike my first lucid dream not only can i not remember it very well but its a hard dream to explain. you might want to look up the manga naruto and get a synopsis of it because in this lucid dream the thing that made me realize i was having a lucid dream was that i was naruto i remember crawling through the air ducks when i realized i was dreaming. the next thing i remember was standing in my grandparents house looking at my grandpa it seems like he was brainwashed or something because he started chasing me trying to catch me i also remember feeling like i was there to save him and my grandpa. the last thing i remember was being in this void talking to the 9 tailed fox about something then i think i did something that saved my grandma and grandpa but killed me and the 9 tailed fox.thats all i can remember i had this dream 1 or 2 years ago.

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