Dream Interpretation: Man Asking for Help

by abiajitha

Visitor's Dream: 'In my dream i had a man. He asked for my help and he had a child and a wife but his wife was not alive and i was able to feel as if i was really with those people. The man said to me i am not feeling well, take me to hospital. In addition to that, i was able to feel some close relation with that man. I even touched him. I had some feeling of responsible affection over him. He was handsome too. I was wondering if his wife and child likes my presence with them but unfortunatly the child also liked me.
The man left somewhere - initially he called me to accompany him and i accepted. In a bike he said to me some thing i cant hear that properly. By that time one of my uncles said, don't go with him in bike. I said to my uncle i am leaving. I came to give the purse and i showed him the purse then i left to home. That man went alone. I was not feeling good as i left him alone. I had a call from that man, he said something and screamed. I found that he was in danger. I consoled that child that i am there for her and will not let her alone at any situation. Then my uncle who passed away a few days back came in my dream. He was sitting on a stone near two houe that was his soul and he said i know what should i do and when should i do and i am fine happy and he went.'

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