Dream Interpretation: Maze

by Meenakshi
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

Visitor Post: 'I was active in the dream. It has been coming to me for a period and it is strange but every day I used to see it. The same maze made up of bricks will be there. I can't recall if it used to come to me in the morning or night but it used to just occur. The maze runs from an open space to a closed one. Light used to be present but I did not decide my actions. At the same time there were two things going on in my mind. I am the one who is acting in the dream and I am only the person who is wondering why am I doing the particular thing or not. I also saw a puzzle where one can put the block into the maze.'

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By John
by: Anonymous

I believe this dream is about indecision in life. In my opinion, it expresses an inability to utilise the puzzle pieces you have been shown/given to start making headway on major decisions. In my view, the unconscious is attempting to tell you to have faith and trust in the signs you are shown in your waking life.

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