Dream Interpretation: McDonalds

by Abby Amidi

Visitor's Dream: 'So my dream starts out in Burger land from Mcdonalds. Well, when I was there I was being chased down by Ronald Mcdonald. He was trying to kill me and I was so scared. For some reason my cousin was there and she saved my life but Ronald killed her. I've had this dream three times.'

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by: John

Hey, a few questions...
where was the McDonalds?
Hows was Ronny trying to kill you and how did he kill your cousin?
How did your cousin save your life?

my mcdonalds dream NEW
by: Anonymous

I myself had a dream about being in McDonald's last night , but it was a normal dream was standing in front of the counter thinking about what I wanted I didn't know if I wanted a big mac or a double quarter with cheese , I'm not really sure why I would have such a dream maybe deep down inside I just want McDonald's I havrnt had it in awhile , that other persons dream about THR Ronald miller umm I don't know that may signify a sign of insecurity , I suggest you talk to someone .

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