Dream Interpretation: Mohammad Saheb on white horse

Dream Interpretation: 'The Prophet asked people how many of you are with me.. many people became against him but few were with him..

While he was talking i stood behind him and with him... then oo white horses we rode (people with him), he was our leader.

People against him came in front. He in order to protect us told us to turn back. I turned my horse immediately. I did not see my horse but felt as i turned he spoke (as if to me) -"see my people have also turned against me" I was not able to see that it was true that they had turned against him. But I followed my Prophet. When i observed more deeply i saw that Prophet was right. He moved ahead i behind him. The people who were with him before raised swords against him but he didn't have any fear nor do i for i knew no one can match the Prophet. Wen a person took sword close to him the Prophet took out his own which was very thick, shiny and seemed very strong..

Then we moved ahead .. there were only 5-6 people who were still accompanying him. I saw them fom behind. They were all male.

Then i willed to see my Prophet's horse. I saw it from the back. I saw its white beautiful hair. Then as if it stopped for me to see it. It turned a little bit behind. I saw its eyes. I became fearful that it had seen me. Then it turned around more as if smiling and I saw it properly - it had big black eyes, hair, white face, all of it I saw was radiating white. It seemed to me that it was very pure and true. Then i wished to see the Prophet. I saw him in a kurta on the horse. He had small dark black hair with very light curls. His looked very simple. I just saw him from back. His kurta was of cream colour. I felt good in this dream, but I was the only girl all were males.

I'm a girl of 16 years. I love a christian but have never told him. It had me hurt a lot but i leave all things upon my ALLAH.'

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by: John

I love this dream. I imagine it was emotionally intense?
I believe this dream is about the conflict you make known at the end of your post. That is, caught between the love for your God and the love you feel for a man outside of your belief system. I believe the people against the prophet - who represents you - is your fear that if you were to pursue your love that the majority of people would rise against you. That they would not approve. That you know this already but want to deny it as was so in the dream whereby you said you did not initially see that the prophet was right about the people having turned against him.
I sense that the prophets horse seeing you and putting fear in you is your fear that you have been "found out". That those you respect, and who respect you, might have become aware of your secret. The entire dream about spiritual strength seems to be a wish to show how strong your faith is. That you want validation you have made the right decision. That your faith will be rewarded.
Let me know what you think.

by: John.

I should also say, I feel this dream has strong connotations of maybe needing approval from a father figure.

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