Dream Interpretation: My Daughter Was Kidnapped

by Summer
(Yuba City, CA, USA)

Visitor's Dream: 'I dreamed that I was with my 10 year old daughter at some type of kids play facility along with a few other family members. Strangely in my dream I had another child that looked exactly like my daughter when she was around 4 years old. It even felt like they were the same child. At the end of our fun day I could not find the youngest child. She had been kidnapped. They shut the facility down and called authorities. I was running frantically everywhere looking for her. I kept asking my eldest child, "where is your sister"? She kept saying, "I don't know". The police arrived and started investigating. They brought in a couple of women who had experienced the same thing to comfort me. I kept staring at my eldest child and seeing my younger child in her face. It felt like they were the same person. I felt helpless, neglectful and felt like I did not protect my daughter. I kept telling everyone, "please wake me up from this dream" and they kept telling me that it wasn't a dream. They made me take a nap and when I woke up I came running out and yelling, "It was just a dream" and then I was reminded that she was still missing. I woke up shortly after that and burst into tears because it felt so real. I could not wait to pick up my daughter from school and hug her tight.'

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by: John

Hi Summer,
I believe this dream could be about you feeling your child is growing up too quick. That her child years are almost done and you feel, possibly, that you missed them or took them for granted. I believe the dreaming and waking within the dream (which is quite rare) might be to do with you not wanting to deal with the situation (child growing up).

Same dream NEW
by: Rosa

Hi Summer I got the chills reading this I had the exact same dream except my girls are 8 and 5 I myself searched the internet for answers on this dream and I ran apon this crazy..

Same dream! NEW
by: Stephanie

Oh my goodness!! I had this exact dream about my two year old daughter. we were at a play facility with a ton of other kids, and at the end of the day I couldnt find her! 2 hours passed without a word from anyone, and I started freaking out in my dream - the facility finally told me she had walked out on her own through the doors, and that someone was seen on camera taking her!! I about died, police came in, they gave me some type of anxiety medication to settle my stomach, it felt like I was going to explode from the inside out knowing someone took my daughter!! At the end of the dream, the officer told me they found her and she's still alive, and that she should be okay until they get to her. My mind started thinking about the worst - I hoped they hadn't touched her or done anything sick! At this point, I woke up.... this dream happened tonight, It was the worst dream ever about my baby!!

by: Dani

I had the same dream last night......I think it deals with our personal fears of watching our children grow up too fast.I gave her a BIG hug the minute I woke up.My daughter looked at me with confusion.I quickly changed the subject.I was just like "pancakes anyone?"

Similar Dream NEW
by: Anonymous

I wonder if my dream is open to the same interpretation. My daughter is 6 and I dreamt last night that I'd had a child before her called the same name as my daughter but who had died and my actual daughter was a child who I knew but I insisted she wasn't mine. It was really upsetting and I really don't know what to make of it.

Same NEW
by: Mom

I just woke up from a dream that my daughter was kidnapped, her younger sister looked just like her and I couldn’t look at her because she suddenly looked so much like her. We were tracking her phone but they put the phone on a plane without her. Horrible

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