Dream Interpretation: My Father

by Ncebakazi

Visitor's Dream: Currently there is a family drift , where my family and I are not on speaking tearms , my grandfather was a Christian He passed away 2008 in June , in a Dream I saw myself walking with him , and he was giving me lessons about Evangelism and His days of being Evangelist , while talking to him , he gave me advice , """ be swift to hear and slow to speak""", while talking we were moving around the main street of were we are living and we passed a house of one of the churh gore with us , while rapping out our talk , we saw a rocket going to the sky and suddenly it came back on earth hitting the ground and burning.

But it fell far from us , and there were flames everywhere and it surrounded us ,and I said to him it burned because of chemical reactions in it and he also agreed with me , but now his voice changed to my uncles , my uncle and I are not speaking with one another since 2010 beacuse of problems that we have , we dont see eye to eye ,when I turned and looked it was realy my uncle not my grandfather .

still in shock of what i am seeing there was a big wave comimg towards us destroying the earth , coming from our house coming towards us , and I started panicing looking for my wife ,wanting to run away with him and he said I must leave him and it was as if he was at peace with the fact that he was going to die , he was accepting that he was going to meet God ,and I looked at him and he was the uncle I knew before all the problems that divided me and the family occured, and I said to him calmy that I am also living knowing that we were going to die. and I woke up.'

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by: John

I believe this dream is a reflection of your desire to reconnect with your family. It is my perception the dream is highlighting the point that the conflict is pointless and futile. In particular, it would seem you wish to make peace with your uncle because, as perhaps was the case with your grandfather, life can end at any time. The catastrophes you witness/experience in the dream are possibly the catalyst required to allow you to communicate with them once again. I would heed the advice given in the dream...

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