Dream Interpretation: My Will

by Mandy Fisher
(west yorkshir)

Visitor's Dream: 'I was sitting at a desk talking to a solicitor asking how much it costs for me to do a will, the solicitor told me he would write me a will out for free so then we began writing out my will.

First thing I wanted was for my son to live with his nana and my mum his grandma to have him 3 days out of the week and for my boyfriend to see him whenever he wanted to see my son. Second thing I wanted was for all my belongings to go to my son and my rings to go to my mum and sister apart from one ring that had to go to my stepmum becouse it was my stepmum that gave me the ring and then I woke up...

I can't remember feeling anything just that it felt really weird and strange as I'm only 25 years old.'

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