Dream Interpretation: Mystery Man

by Angie

Visitor Post: 'Every now and again I have this dream about a mystery man. He's tall, wears all black with a long black trench coat and big black boots; he has long dark hair pulled into a ponytail and he's very handsome.

I'm scared of this man but yet im very much in love with him. This man in my dream is always trying to smother me or he's telling me to sacrifice myself.

What could this mean?'

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by: Anonymous

Hello Angie,
Im guessing this dream is about an atraction to something you consider "bad". Perhaps a part of yourself, someone else, or some form of behaviour that is deemed immoral but very appealing to you? The smothering/sacrifical component may simply be an awareness that giving over to this person/thing may lead to your demise in some manner?

Mystry Man NEW
by: Anonymous

Presently I am not in a relationship, however I would like to just last night I dream of a mystery man I think I was with and the feelings were natural, we were talking about driving and at the same time said he had to say hello to a friend he met, I did see him talk to the person

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