Dream Interpretation: Never able to hit in my dreams

by Chelsea

Visitor Post: 'Whenever I have a dream where I am very angry or nervous I can never get my body to react or listen to me if you will.

I had a dream where I was mad at my friend and was trying to punch her but my arms were like rubber bands that wouldn't extend and if they would extend they would miss.

I got very frustrated in this dream and tried throwing a picnic table at her but the force made me miss my target like it pushed the table away.

This not being able to put force into my body came out in another dream about a month after I had my son, I had a dream of him choking on his pacifier I turned him upside down and started pushing on his chest but my arms were like rubber bands again and I was trying so hard but felt like a wasn't doing anything.

My little brother says he has the same kind of dreams but I've never heard anyone else say they have. What would this mean?

Also in a lucid dream I was having one time I realized I was dreaming and attempted to fly, as I was saying I'm doing it I'm dreaming and I'm flying, I start descending and come to the ground but I didn't want to come down so once I was on the ground I start jumping and at first it's like super mario jumps and I get higher with every jump and soon I'm jumping so high I'm on the edge of space. What does this mean that I can't fly?

In a similar dream I'm driving very fast in a convertible on an old Montana highway I'm familiar with, I'm driving so fast that I don't see a big ascent in the road that is actually a big hill, so the ascent acts as a ramp to speeding car and once I hit it I fly about 300 ft in the air and come crashing down.

I don't feel any pain but I do feel the force of falling and coming to a crashing stop. What could this mean?'

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by: John

interestingly I too have dreams where I cannot hit. Whenever I look at my life at the times of these dreams I have an overwhelming sense of powerlessness in some situation. Is this the same for you?
With respect to your dream about flying: I think this dream is very interesting by virtue of it highlighting that once you become aware/conscious of your dream start the limitations to your flying are applied. To me, this may mean you do not believe in yourself enough. You do not trust in your potential to achieve great things because it is your impressionn it is impossible? So in a sense, yes, it means you cant fly because you impose limits on your conscious being.
With regard to your speeding car dream: I believe this dream is about a desire for freedom but a lack of faith that everything will be okay. The fact you feel no pain in your moment of "disaster", in my view, is intended to highlight there is nothing to fear.

me too
by: Anonymous

Every dream where I am fighting, I cannot hit. It likes my arms are jello, and if i do hit them, it feels like i just tap them.

Amazing post NEW
by: Palash

Why do you think that you never able to hit your dreams. If you fail one time then you must try again and again until you hit you actual dream. Everyone know that to get dream is not easy for this purpose we must do hard work. I hope you will continue your work hard. However, I need professional assignment writing but also like give some suggestion to you.

Unable to hit back NEW
by: Anonymous

In my dreams I'll get into an altercation and I find it that I am able to hit back but when I hit I hit very slowly and it's a really soft hit or a tap like hit. I'm wondering if this is just my conscious revealing to me that I am not a fighter type of person, that even in reality I don't have to fight.

Agreed NEW
by: Anonymous

See with me, I'll dream that I'm fighting, but no matter how hard I try I swing super slow and hit super soft. That does nothing but enrages me more so I keep trying but still no change. I do beat the person up, I dunno how lol, but its not to my satisfaction. Because ik I can do way more damage. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who feels this way! I just wanna kno why is it every time I fight in a dream I fight like that though?..

Weak striker NEW
by: Anonymous

For the most part of my life I've dreamt that when I get angry and turn aggressive my punches are very weak as if my arms weigh so much I can bearly lift them. Sometimes I hit with so much effort and still I'm like a plush toy trying to beat on someone. After I hit 30 I was going through some stuff in my life and had a couple of dreams where my attacks were fatal to whoever I was fighting, sometimes I woke up with such a large sense of guilt I wished for rubber arms again!

dreams of water. NEW
by: anon K

ive lived a rough life. born of a hooker and a nerd. abandoned. fostercare from the age of five. beaten senseless for most of my life, with noone to help me survive. so naturally when i started getting older i fought back against any and all aggressors in my way. i no longer believe in second chances or mercy on those who wrong me. recently i was living in St.Catherines ontario canada. and i swear ive never been in so many fights. 12 victory 1 loss. ive laid my life on the line more times than i can remember, and come out the victor. but when i dream... ive never won once. if im ME, that is to say the me i know myself as. i cant throw a punch its like im surrounded by water. im sluggish, slow, weak. no matter how much strength i put into it. i should also note. the dreams are usually memories of fights ive lived through in the past. i can recall every detail. but in my dreams i always lose. and it drives me mad. what is wrong with my head. i know im stronger than them so why does my mind hold that strength back. i only fight those who have earned my anger. so i shouldnt have a reason to hold back...

Really weird dreams. NEW
by: Paige

I have never been in one fight in my entire life and I’m only 19. But sometimes I have dreams that I get into fights and I always try to throw the first punch; but it’s in SUPER slow-motion. And ever single time I miss and I cannot lay a single hit. I’ve been trying to figure out why and I cannot figure it out. I have a bunch of weird dreams and they all stick with me. And I can remember them weeks to months later. And they are almost on repeat it seems like.

update NEW
by: NickyNeo

I had a dream last night that I was fighting this female inna car and I was tagging tf outta her face but a whole bunch of people were tryna hold me back but I believe that was the first time I actually beat someone in my dream. Im the same one who said I dont hit hard, but somehow I still end up beating them. So what does it mean that I finally did get the outcome/ actually beat the person to my satisfaction?

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