Dream Interpretation: Never ending fight

by Belinda
(Victoria, Texas)

Visitor's Dream: 'In this dream, I am in my backyard while my husband is in the front yard gilling or something. He yells to me to dial 911 because his fire has gotten out of control. I fumble with my cell phone and place the call. I start to see that the lawn is on fire and it is spreading toward my home. So I grab the water hose and begin putting out the fire. I continue spraying down the lawn fire as fast as it rolls in, but never getting it completely out. After a while I realize that the FD is taking way too long, and I start doubing myself, thinking that I misdialed 911, but I don't want to put the hose down long enough to call again, because I'm afraid that the fire will reach the house if I stop spraying. This continues to go on, I keep spraying down the fire and just as emergency gets there, either the dream ended or I woke up.'

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by: John

Hi Belinda,
I believe this dream is about a "fire" in waking life that you feel you must put out. Possibly, but not necessarily, caused by your partner(?). It suggests you feel the need to assume responsibility for fixing this mess because it is beginning to encroach on you (and maybe your family). However, it also seems that you doubt you have the tools / skills to deal with this fully. That some external help is required IMMEDIATELY - you know this but you cant juggle everything at once. I believe in essence the dream is suggesting that you are/have attempted to handle this "fire" on your own for too long - that if help doesnt arrive the fire will consume you.

Ayyan Ali NEW
by: Anonymous

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