Dream Interpretation: Night Terror in the Form of Wasps

by Justin Lurie

Visitor's Dream: 'I remember I was on my back-yard swing set, I'm not sure if I was with my Niece, but the only reason I would be there is to play with her. I remember seeing a wasp in front of me. I was about to tell her to run, but I think she was gone. Again, i don't remember if she was even there. Then I felt the first sting. It was in the same place as my first sting in real life. They started to sting my shoulders, but suddenly, it started to be solely on my fore-arms. The real reason this was disturbing was because i could feel every sting as if it were actually happening. But when i woke up, I was sweating. The strangest thing is that i actually jumped straight out of my bed and ran for a good three seconds before i realized it was a dream. I've never had an experience like this before, and i am more curious than anything else.'

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by: John

this sounds like a symptom of REM sleep disorder. that's not to say you have a disorder per se... possibly just a one-off experience.
The sting relative to the first time you felt such a thing I am assuming took place when you were a child? If so, the dream might suggest there is some pain from the past resurfacing in other ways. So much so that it is stinging you over and over on your arms because you feel powerless?
Let me know what you think.

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