Dream Interpretation: Nightmare

by Bridget New
(Crosby Texas)

Visitor Post: 'I had dreamt that I was at home with my younger brother whom is 13. I had felt much anxiety as I walked into my room. I had reluctantly looked into my closet and saw a man whom I could not indentify.

My immediate thought was that this man was not here to harm me but to kill me. I ran out of my room and grabbed my brother in the next room. The whole time I was screaming that there was a man here to kill us. I ran in a circle around my house, the man steadily catching up to us, until I came back to my room.

The ceiling held an attic door which I swiftly opened pushing my brother then myself into right before the killer could reach us. We stepped out onto the roof of my house where we proceeded to flee to my yard. When we screamed to tell our neighbors that there was a stranger whom wished us harm my dream shifted to a later time.

My step mom and grandmother, who are both Chinese, had been yelling across the house about my brothers grades. I never dream in Chinese but for some reason for this dream I did. As I was listening to their conversation I hear rustling in my closet. Thought I was a bit reluctant to call to my family that the man was there again for I may have been wrong and then embarrassed I called out once more.

My family proceeded to run into my brothers room while I ran into the living room away from the killer back into my room and locked the door. There in my room were three men, who then went on to rape me. Once they were done they had machetes which they were to kill me with. I managed to slip out of the room and head into my yard.

I screamed bloody murder as to how I was raped and a neighbor eventually took me in. When I returned to my house my family knew of what happened yet did not take any actions as to find justice for the crime committed unto me.

In fact, they acted as if they didn't even care!'

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By John
by: Anonymous

Hi Bridget,
I'm thinking this dream might be about not feeling accepted. That even at home you do not feel as though you fit in or that people genuinely care about you as much as you might like. In fact, I think maybe you feel violated by others in many ways and that no matter how much you protest nobody seems to think it important. I also perceive that you might feel that your little brother is favoured over yourself. That he is perhaps loved unconditionally whereas you are not?

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