Dream Interpretation: Old Lady

by amber feenaughty
(warsaw ny usa)

Visitor's Dream: 'i had just laid down and i remember dreaming about a house that i never been too before i could really smell the wood the house was made out of and every detail. this old lady had white hair and her daughter was there she had passed away and was there to protect her. there was other spirits. not very nice ones. i remember listening in the back ground to these spirits and the daughter telling me that they were going to kill her grandma. i remember flowing down the stairs touching the railing and heading to the kitchen to get her grandma out of the house. the daughter talked through me telling her grandma to let me help. the guy was standing there with a knife and i grabbed her hand an literally flew up the stairs to the top of the building and taking her over to the next building over setting her down on the roof.. the daughter told me if she was away from the house the spirits couldn't get her. she was happy sitting there and her daughter never let go of my hand.. then i remember a smile and waking up scared out of my mind. i felt like someone was out to get me but i closed my eyes and felt like i heard someone. it said don't worry i am here to protect u... could i have brought the daughter back in my dream by still holding her hand or was it just one crazy dream?'

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by: John

I believe you need to listen to what you were told... "I am here to protect you". You have no reason to fear. I believe the dream was designed to help you realise you are stronger and more courageous than you think. I'm guessing you might doubt that in general or perhaps a certain situation in life at present? Either way, I believe the dream is highlighting you have this "heroine" capability and to overcome your fears... when in doubt, remember, you are protected.

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by: Jackson

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