Dream Interpretation: Old love

by Sherrelle
(Glendale Arizona)

Visitor Post: 'I am newly single mom after a divorce. I move into a new neighborhood with my two kids.

Well, my next door neighbors were real nice and invited my son over to watch football on the weekends.

One day I got invited over for a BBQ; I went and when I was being introduced my old crush was there I didn't know he lived next door.

Lupe and I were at a loss for words and the silence between us seemed to stretch for an eternity not only that we were both embarrassed and turned red.

Everybody was looking from one to the other, finally we said hello and he asked to talk to me in private. We stepped outside and talked about everything past and present.

He asked me out and we started dating which turned into a long loving relationship.'

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by: John

Hello Sherrelle,
can you please tell me what circumstances in the dream replicate your waking life? For example, in waking life are you a single mother etc?

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