Dream Interpretation: Old neighbor and neighborhood

by lou
(coconut creek, fl, usa)

Visitor's Dream: 'i was in my old neighborhood at home and noticed the house behind me cleared out a lot of the wooded area between our proprty line. then the neighbour behind my house came over. we had coffee. i was cleaning up. we walked out side for some reason and came back in, and there was a mess all over the floor. i cleaned it up. there were others around. maybe my kids. then some time/days had passed and i was driving to her house, but i didnt live in the neighborhood anymore. i heard people talking inside so there was people home but they did not see me. i walked into the closed in porch, grabbed my shirt and left. hopped in my car and as i was driving away i thought i saw the husband drive behind me. i thought he was driving after me but i am not sure. so i pulled into my old driveway , behind the house and looked out at the river while he drove by. but their was no river behind my old house. i dont know why i was trying to evade the guy?

feelings: i remember feeling embarrased when we walked into a mess in my house. also confused as to how it got messy so quickly?

trigger? perhaps i dreamt of old neighbor cause i just returned from a trip with old, childhood friends?'

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by: John

Hi Lou,
this dreams seems to me to be about opening up yourself to people or new experiences but at the same time feeling uncomfortable about the perceptions of others. It would seem your return to the past is because you are perhaps desiring to "start again" with respect to whom you want to be. However, due to your worry about how others might see you it seems you hide and evade; feeling as though you are doing something "wrong".

Forest Symbolism
by: Anonymous

To dream of a forests represents an issue that leaves you feeling confused, uncertain, lost, or ejected from arrangements that give you a sense of security. A problem has left you feeling unsatisfied, insecure, or unsettled. A loss of confidence or control. Source: DreamBible.com

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