Dream Interpretation: On a Journey

Visitor's Dream: 'It began with a view of the back yard of my childhood home. A small child -a girl maybe 2-3 years old was sitting on the grass looking about to cry. My voice came to say to the child, "I'm here. It's ok."

Then the dream went to me sitting in a dark room on the phone with my current boyfriend. He was telling me to come back "Everything is ok". I was telling him "I'm trying" and "I don't know what to do".

Then I hear my dad's voice on the phone telling me "He can stay" Everything is ok" (By the way my dad passed away in '09.)

Then in the dream I remember hearing my boyfriend telling me to come to him and me saying "I'm trying"

Then I see the back of me leaving out a door and the outside was me leaving the nursing home where my dad passed away. I proceeded to walk up the road. That is where my dream ends .

My feelings in the dream were confusion and couldn't come to a decision.

Significant happenings in my life right now: I know I struggle with the fact that my 16 yr old daughter chose to live with her stepdad then me when I left him. I have a new boyfriend and she wishes I never left her stepdad and I feel she does not give my new boyfriend a fair chance.'

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by: John

I believe you feel like that small child in the backyard of your childhood home; lost, sad, and in need of care. It seems you are waiting for someone's soothing hand.
The parts where you speak to your b/f and father on the phone suggest you wish to remain connected to the pain in both relationships because you love them but at the same time the connection hurts.
The last part where you "turn your back" on the nursing home and walk down the road (embark on your journey) implies the unconscious wishes to move on from the grief.
"Everything will be ok."

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