Dream Interpretation: Pregnant

Visitor's Dream: 'My husband came home for 2 weeks from military duty and we were intimate twice with no protection. 2 Weeks later my menstrual cycle was late and I didn't know how to tell my husband who is having an affair and in Afghanistan on deployment right now that I am pregnant. Then I dreamt that I told him it is a boy and his name is Joshua. Don't remember there being any response. I was scared to tell him in my dream, but he looked discouraged.'

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by: John

I'm just trying to clarify the dream content here. Can you verify the following... In the dream:
Your husband is in the military on tour in Afghanistan;
He comes home for 2 weeks leave;
You have sex twice in that time;
Two week s after youre late re: your cycle;
Your husband is having an affair (?)

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by: linger

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